Against Gratitude: Going No-Contact with Toxic Parents

Children don’t owe their parents anything.

Most parents do their best for their children, but they make mistakes along the way. It’s part of being human. Toxic parents, those who physically or emotionally abuse their children, are another thing entirely.

Either way, forgiveness is one option, whether it means letting another person off the hook for how they hurt you, or letting yourself off the hook of staying hurt.

Forgiveness has many faces. For me, forgiveness meant going no-contact with my two adoptive parents.

Use this friend link to get to the full article on Medium.

What are your thoughts on forgiveness and going no-contact with others?

One thought on “Against Gratitude: Going No-Contact with Toxic Parents

  1. Good article. I did not see my father for 25 years and it was the best gift to myself. I was able to forgive him for being a flawed and delusional person. When he got a brain tumor and was dying; I saw him once. He was a sad shell of a man. I hope he does better the next incarnation.

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