Listen to the free poetry

EAT Sampler

What do you call someone who’s a writer, artist, musician, teacher, publisher, and anarchist? One word won’t do, but one name will: Mark Ari of Jacksonville, Florida and the world.

Ari’s been publishing audio chapbooks as well as print works under EAT Poem imprint since the turn of the century, and he’s just released a sampler of poems from some of the audio chapbooks.

Ari says:

To get the album for free, just put “0” in as the price when you download. You have to download the whole album to get it for free because I’m too lazy to make the adjustments for individual tracks.

But enjoy these terrific poets. I am forever in their debt for their graciousness in sharing their work with me so I can share it with others.


Poets in this release include me,  Driscoll Frances, Tim Gilmore, Teri Youmans Grimm, Richard Peabody, Liz Clarke Robbins, Robert Walker, Mary Kelley Baron, Tiffany Steward Melanson, Fred Dale, Andy Rojas.

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