5 Steps to Safe Guns on Campus

My latest piece for Bullshitist.


Note: The piece is a satire, but what follow here is not.

The Florida state legislature will consider a bill in 2017 that would allow people to carry guns on college campuses. Currently, permitted gun owners can not carry guns on campus, but they can keep guns locked in their vehicles that are parked on college property.

In addition to being a former college student myself, I taught college students for about 20 years. The institutions where I taught include state universities in urban settings and rural settings, and private colleges in both urban and rural settings. I have friends who still teach college now.

American college campuses are hotbeds of high emotion, high stress, and high alcohol consumption. I don’t know anyone in favor of allowing guns on campus, but of course I live in my own left-wing bubble. People break laws, but still, it seems both tragic and ridiculous me that students under 21 will be forbidden to possess alcohol on campus — because they aren’t mature enough to handle it — but that under this proposed legislation, they will be allowed to possess guns. Really?

It’s this sort of insanity that makes me turn to satire.


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