Adoptee Reading Resource Features WALK AWAY

Adoptee Reading Resource, a very cool site that I’ve mentioned here before, featured WALK AWAY on its December 1 blog. I’m super-honored to be in the company of other adoptees who’ve shared their stories, their challenges, their triumphs, and their research with other adoptees around the world.


You know you’ve come across a cool blog when the tag line comes from international award-winning author and adoptee Jeanette Winterson: “That is what literature offers — a language powerful enough to say how it is.”

Winterson was one of my very first adoptee heroes; I identified completely with her story of growing up as “the different one” in a crazy house in ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT. Why? I think it was the first book I read after learning that I was adopted that had an ungrateful adoptee as the protagonist.

As Winterson has said when asked if ORANGES is a lesbian novel, “It’s for anyone interested in what happens at the frontiers of common-sense.” So yeah, it’s not just a lesbian novel, or an adoptee novel – it’s a book about making sense out of lies. A familiar task for many adoptees.

Lots of other awesome adoptee writers are featured on Adopted Reading Resource – over 400!

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