Three New Poems at Peacock Journal


Truthfully, only “Kicking Out” is new as in drafted, revised, and submitted in the past six months. The second poem in the group is three years old (a toddler!) and has been rejected at least 22 times. Click on the image, or here , for all three.

I love it when an online journal matches  writing  with visual art. The artist here is Deborah Beaver, who hails from Hawaii.

Peacock Journal lives up to its aesthetic as a beautiful online journal. I decided to submit some poems because my poetry pal, A.M. Juster published a poem, “Rounding up the Mimes,” there.

To pay it forward, I spread the good news about Peacock to the poetry group I attend in Florida, and Aliesa Zoecklein‘s work will appear in Peacock very soon. Keep a look out for two poems from Aliesa!

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