Today’s the day

Walk Away meets the world. Here’s the blurb from Kindle Singles:

“Walk Away is the unflinching and inspiring story of how author Michele Leavitt lived through the violence of her adolescence, how that violence haunted her through her escape to college and law school, and how she ultimately came to rise out of it to a place of possibility. It begins with lessons in self-defense from convicted killers, as well as a piece of advice: Do whatever it takes to be the one who walks away. Hard-edged but motivating, this is a story about overcoming the bleakest of obstacles.”

Go, little book, go!

2 thoughts on “Today’s the day

  1. I am – but also a little anxious! Eeek! A big, seedy chunk of my life on display. I saw a Venn diagram the other day (and now I can’t find it again) that illustrated “the artist” or “the writer” with two circles — mad egotist and mad introvert. The meeting point was the artist/writer.


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