A Third Family Tree

Tree 3

This tree took the earth with it when it tipped over in a windthrow. It is the only tree in this quadrant that fell, so perhaps some other trauma, like a fungus, impacted its anchorage and prepared it to let go.

The letting go starts a new creation story: a hole opens in the canopy, and sunlight pours down on the forest floor. Saplings stuck in the pole stage may wake up and start to grow again. Flowers may bloom.

New stories mean new names. The earth ripped up with the tree is now a tip-up mound. Underneath it, bare soil is exposed where tortoises may burrow, or foxes may shelter, or seeds may sprout.

When summer comes, the small cave under the tip-up mound will be cool and dim, and those inside can turn their faces up to see the old root network over their heads, and then tell their own stories.

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