A different kind of family tree

I leaned against trees, wrapped my arms around trees, rode thick tree branches like they were horses. I swung from trees and hid in trees, and walked on limbs as if they were tightropes. I prayed to trees, I raged at trees. My half-brothers cut them down for money, and cut the bamboo too.

In my private forest, which isn’t mine, but belongs to the town, I watch this tree, and the spiral of fungi around its trunk. It might be my family tree: no hierarchy, no single ancestor, and certainly no single pattern.IMG_1614

One thought on “A different kind of family tree

  1. I love it. In a world that finds self worth and love through their connections, being adopted can at times, be extremely isolating. It can also lead to self discovery and the ability to be who ever we choose, wherever we choose. 🌾

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