The Glass Transition

My poetry collection from Finishing Line Press, The Glass Transition, was published on June 4, 2010. The cover art was created by Lisa Delaney. Lisa and I have worked together creatively since we were six years old, and this collaborative publication is the realization of a lifelong dream.

Here’s what some other poets have said about the poems:

Ranging from free verse to sonnets, sestinas, villanelles, tercets and blank verse, all impeccably crafted, these poems invite the reader into dark lives with musical but conversational language that commands attention, through imagery that speaks directly to the body. Whether she deals with the speaker’s longing to recapture memories never hers to begin with, the death of an elderly woman whose life has already been judged “a waste,” the repeated anguish of substance abuse, fear for the unguarded young, or the battered woman’s inexplicable fidelity, Michele Leavitt’s every line feels authentic, and leaves the reader feeling as haunted as her remarkable book. –Rhina P. Espaillat

I’ve rarely encountered so deft a guide to Hell as Michele Leavitt. By deft I refer not only to her nonpareil command of poetry’s formal properties, but also to her agility in passing through every corner and chasm of the addict’s Inferno. – Sydney Lea

The book may be ordered through the publisher at 

or from Amazon at 

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