When Families Get Sober

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

One of the happiest parts of aging for me has been seeing many of my nieces and nephews get free from addiction.

Addiction is truly a family disease — not only a genetic predisposition that people can inherit, but also a disease that can thrust a whole family into chaos along with the individual who is actively addicted.

All five of my brothers died young from addiction-related conditions. Those that had children passed addiction on. When the first young person in my family got sober, it had a domino effect. It showed others that being free of drugs and alcohol was possible for people in our family, and that life could be immeasurably better.

Here’s a friend link to a story about addiction and incarceration in my family.

3 thoughts on “When Families Get Sober

  1. What a story you have to tell, Michele. Addiction runs through the current of my family life also and I think that if I wasn’t just trying to survive, I might have succumbed too. The idea of families getting sober is an inspiring one.

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    1. Hi V. J.! My aunt (born the same year as me) has never touched drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, too anxious she’d turn out like others in our family. She’s generally anxious, and I think a lot of addiction is self-medication.

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